Crystal Properties

Each crystal has many wonderful healing properties, below I have listed just some of these.
There are of course a lot more crystals and as I'm able to I will add to the below list.


Agate: Grounding, supportive

Amazonite: Stimulating, releasing

Amber: Enlivening, stimulating

Amethyst: Meditative, calming

Ametrine: Stimulating, happiness

Apache Tears: Protection, grief, letting go

Apatite: Growth, manifesting, achieving goals

Aragonite: Healing, clears blocked chakras, emotional strength

Astrophyllite: Guidance, protection, detoxifying

Aura Quartz: Peace, positivity, connection with angels

Aquamarine: Cooling, clarifying

Aventurine: Balance, stability

Black Obsidian: Highly protective, grounding, healing

Black Tourmaline: Grounding, protecting

Black Rutilated Quartz: Spiritual growth, removes barriers

Bloodstone: Courage, support

Blue Lace Agate: Comforting, gently cooling

Blue Tigers Eye: Balance, empowering, clarity

Blue Calcite: Soothing, calming

Caribbean Calcite: Uplifting, soothing, peaceful

Carnelian: Repairing, creativity-enhancing

Citrine: Comforting, uplifting

Chrysocolla: Comfort, calming, increases capacity to love

Clear Quartz: Organising, amplifying

Crackle Quartz: Activating, positivity, positive energy

Crazy Lace Agate: Harmony, optimism, joy, self-acceptance

Dalmatian Jasper: Determination, strength, friendship

Desert Rose: Cleansing, self-confidence

Dream Amethyst: Stability, calm, peace

Emerald: Heart chakra, compassion, love, acceptance

Fancy Jasper: Tranquillity, protection

Fluorite: Co-ordination, innovation

Garnet: Activating, stimulating

Golden Healer: Master healer, vitality, cleansing

Golden Rutilated Quartz: Manifestation, aura work, amplifying

Green Calcite: Balance, release, healing

Green Jade: Harmony, prosperity, wealth

Hematite: Establishing, grounding

Herkimer Diamond: High vibrational, attunement, amplifies other stones

Honey Calcite: Find your personal power, self-worth, confidence

Iolite: Stimulating, manifestation, self-acceptance

Jade: Belonging, instinct

Jasper: Restoring, anchoring

Jet: Purifying, luck stone, soothes grief

Kambaba Jasper: Soothes the nervous mind, hope, healing, prosperity

Kunzite: Love, understanding

Labradorite: Flexibility, protection

Lapis Lazuli: Truth, memory

Lava Stone: Strength, courage

Lemon Quartz: Good luck, fortune, abundance, new opportunities

Lepidolite: Emotional balance, awareness, relieves worries

Leopard Skin Jasper: Protection, harmony, journeying

Mahogany Obsidian: Protection, strength, inspiring

Malachite: Protecting, transmuting

Moss Agate (Dendritic): Nurturing, balancing, strength

Moss Agate Pink: Attracts new friendships, self-expression, protection

Narmada (Shiva Lingham): High energy stone, transformation, intensifies libido

Nephrite Jade: Abundance, harmony, protective, uplifting

Ocean Jasper: Stress relief, happiness, healing

Orange Calcite: Energy, motivation, confidence, happiness

Onyx: Confidence, concentration, stimulating

Opalite (Girasol): Increases energy, supporting, success

Peach Quartz: Releasing energy blockages, self-respect, independence

Pink Opal: Releases fears, emotional balance, healing

Pyrite: Activating, cleansing

Peach Moonstone: Soothing, feminine energy

Peacock Ore: Self-esteem, creativity, clarity, prosperity

Pink Aventurine: Balance, grace, creativity, intuition

Que Sera/Llanite: Change your perspective, encouraging, highest good

Rainbow Moonstone: Protection, balance

Rainbow Calcite: Soothing, overcoming, strength, passion

Red Calcite: Motivation, vitality, detoxifying, attracts love

Rhodonite: Motivation, passion

Rhodochrosite: Empathy, passion, compassion

Rose Quartz: Love, emotion

Rubellite: Unconditional love, positivity, strong feminine energy

Ruby: Nourishing, steadying

Ruby & Fuchsite: Stimulating intuition, love, uniting, and positivity

Ruby Zoisite: Courage, strength, produces growth & fertility

Rutilated Quartz: Restoring, linking

Sapphire: Precision, understanding

Selenite: Expansion, acceleration

Septarian: Guidance stone, communication, uplifting

Sheen Obsidian: Personal power, strengthen aura, find purpose

Shungite: Detoxing, protects from EMF’s, healing

Smoky Quartz: Beginnings, stability

Snowflake Obsidian: Purity, balancing, balance, focus, growth

Sodalite: Mediation, peace

Sunstone: Warming, encouraging, joy

Sulphur Quartz: Energising, enhances creativity, inspires imagination

Strawberry Quartz: Attracts soul mates, soothing, understanding

Tigers Eye: Protection, willpower, confidence, brings good luck

Tree Agate: Self-discovery, flow of money, connects you to Earth

Turquoise: Strength, protection

Unakite: Nurturing, unconditional love, reunion, love, patience

Vogesite: Guidance, creativity, journey to enlightenment

White Aventurine: Clarity, reflecting, love, self-reflection, focus



If there are crystals you would like more detailed information about, you can google the meaning of each or alternatively, you can send me an email and I will happily send you back an information sheet regarding your chosen crystal/s.

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