Crystal Properties

Each crystal has many wonderful healing properties, below I have listed two of each.
There are of course a lot more crystals and as I'm able to I will add to the below list.
Agate: Grounding, supportive
Amazonite: Stimulating, releasing
Amber: Enlivening, stimulating
Amethyst: Meditative, calming
Aquamarine: Cooling, clarifying
Aventurine: Balance, stability
Black Tourmaline: Grounding, protecting
Bloodstone: Courage, support
Blue Lace Agate: Comforting, gently cooling
Calcite: Soothing, calming
Carnelian: Repairing, creativity-enhancing
Citrine Quartz: Comforting, uplifting
Clear Quartz: Organising, amplifying
Fluorite: Co-ordination, innovation
Garnet: Activating, stimulating
Hematite: Establishing, grounding
Jade: Belonging, instinct
Jasper: Restoring, anchoring
Kunzite: Love, understanding
Labradorite: Flexibility, protection
Lapis Lazuli: Truth, memory
Malachite/Azurite: Protecting, transmuting
Moonstone: Emotional balance, intuition
Obsidian: Cleansing, transforming
Pyrite: Activating, cleansing
Rhodonite: Motivation, passion
Rose Quartz: Love, emotion
Ruby: Nourishing, steadying
Rutilated Quartz: Restoring, linking
Sapphire: Precision, understanding
Selenite: Expansion, acceleration
Smoky Quartz: Beginnings, stability
Sodalite: Mediation, peace
Sunstone: Warming, encouraging
Turquoise: Strength, protection
If there are crystals you would like more detailed information about, you can google the meaning of each or alternatively, you can send me an email and I will happily send you back an information sheet regarding your chosen crystal/s.

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