How to cleanse your crystals

Cleansing your crystals regularly ensures unwanted influences are not transferred to them; you should cleanse your crystals before and after every use.
Use your intuition to decide which method is right for you.
Running Water
Sound Resonance
Purification by smoke
Purification by cleansing spray
Breath and Visualisation
Salt or clay
Crystal clusters
Running water: Hold your crystal under some running water and visualise any imbalances flowing away. Place in the sun to dry.
Sound resonance: Place your stones in a singing bowl, or make sound above the crystals with hand cymbals, rattles or bells.
Purification by smoke: Pass your crystals through aromatic smoke from herbal smudge sticks and incense (Sandalwood, Sage, Juniper, Cedar, Frankincense, and so on).
Purification by cleansing spray: Fill a diffuser with your choice of essential oils, allow your crystals to pass through the oils being diffused.
Alternatively, purchase a mist spray and spray your crystals and allow it to dry in the sun.
Breath and visualisation: Hold the crystal and blow forcefully over it while imagining imbalances being blown away.
Salt or clay: For deep cleansing, pile dry sea salt or clay around a crystal, and leave for 24 hours. Do not reuse salt or clay afterwards.
Sunlight: Sunlight is said to assist with charging your crystals.
Some crystals can fade in sunlight, such as Amethyst. Some may even become brittle from too much sun. Do not use this method too often
Crystal clusters: To cleanse small crystals, place them on a larger cluster or bed of crystals, and leave overnight. This is great for cleaning crystal jewellery.
Moonlight: Place your crystals outside on a natural surface as crystals like to be grounded, if placing them outside isn’t possible, place them on a windowsill that will get a lot of moonlight. Be careful if it is raining as some crystals such as Selenite will dissolve in water, other crystals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz will love what the rain can offer them.

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