Larvikite Labradorite Egg
Larvikite Labradorite Egg
Larvikite Labradorite Egg
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Larvikite Labradorite Egg

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The energies of this stone will protect you in your day to day activities, and it will offer protection even when you are asleep, or even when you are travelling.

Larvikite is also very cleansing to the body. It will remove the toxins and the negative energies from both the physical and etheric bodies.

Larvikite is an excellent stone to use during meditation because it will effectively still and focus your mind.

It will remove unnecessary thoughts, and it will sharpen your concentration.

Larvikite will neutralize or dispel negative energies that surround you. You will be more aware of these energies, and they will make you consciously decide to give out positive energies instead.

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