Lava Stone
Lava Stone
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Lava Stone

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A strong grounding stone, Lava stone was once a liquid that has turned into stone - because of this it brings with it strength, it helps us with change and can alleviate stresses.

Bring stability into your life by keeping a piece of Lava Stone in the area of your life where you feel stability is needed most, this may be the family room, work or even your bedroom.

Because Lava Stone comes from raw energy, this is considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding. Let go of any unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

Did you know:
You can also add a drop of your essential oils to your lava stone and pop it somewhere you need it most, you'll get the benefits of the lava stone and the essential oils.

Please note: Your Lava Stone piece is intuitively chosen for you

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