Rhodonite Rough Chunk
Rhodonite Rough Chunk
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Rhodonite Rough Chunk

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Known as the “rescue stone,” it’s one of the most powerful heart chakra stones in the gem world, working as your therapist in couples counselling to bolster feelings of forgiveness and compassion, the essential virtues necessary for unconditional love to flourish. 

A powerful healing stone for relationships, the Rhodonite crystal encourages clear communication, the lifeline for a strong and healthy union. With the Rhodonite crystal included in your crystal first aid kit, always look on the pink side of life, even in times of stress and trauma. 

Joy is simple. It’s the humans that make it complicated. Call on the Rhodonite to shine a pink ray of light on your heart and help open up blockages by returning your spirit to a natural state of bliss. The human heart has incredible capabilities, especially when you channel the beautiful and heartwarming qualities of the Rhodonite crystal.

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