Super Attractor Journal || Gabrielle Bernstein
Super Attractor Journal || Gabrielle Bernstein
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Super Attractor Journal || Gabrielle Bernstein

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Gabby's fans love her teachings, and they love to put them in practice. It's not enough to send a wish out into the universe and hope for the best with the Super Attractor Journal, Gabby gives you the practical tools you need to put your dreams onto paper and manifest them into reality. The journal holds space for you to practice the powerful methods from Gabby's Super Attractor book and activate your own Super Attractor abilities through journaling. Like the popular, The Universe Has Your Back Journal, the watercolour illustrations within are crafted by artist Micaela Ezra to complement Gabby's inspiring mantras and give visual cues to boost your manifesting practice. Using the journal and Gabby's guidance, you will- Deepen your connection to your inner spiritual force-your Super Attractor abilities Get into the flow of the Universe and tap into its infinite source of love and support Feel empowered to manifest a life filled with purpose, happiness, abundance, and peace With this energetically charged tool for manifestation, everyday miracles are just a few pages away.

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